General Surgeon

Hi, my name is Steve Lee.  I am a general surgeon practicing in Kentucky.  I was born and raised in Korea.  I finished high school in Korea before coming to the United States for my medical education. Even though I went to medical school in the United States, I was speaking English with a heavy foreign accent and people had problems understanding me.  Often I had to repeat myself.  

  The reason I sought help from Annie was to improve my American English accent so my patients and colleagues could understand me crystal clear.  I also wanted to be able to speak sophisticated and educated English. 

  Annie helped me to achieve those goals in a short time frame.  In the past, I have studied at home by myself using many different accent reduction books, resulting in very little improvement.  I was extremely surprised at the accuracy of Annie’s initial evaluation of my accent.  She was able to identify my problem areas, and we were able to target and correct most of my accent and pronunciation problems in less than 16 sessions.  The internet conference with video feedback was an excellent teaching tool. Annie was able to correct how I pronounced each word using both verbal and visual instructions.  I recommend Annie whole heartedly to anybody who wants to improve their command of the American English accent.