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The Pronunciation Pro PLUS Membership Provides

FASTER Results With 1-on-1 Private Sessions with an ASHA-Certified Trainer and Customized Feedback!

The PLUS Membership Includes…

Assessment & Report  ($127 value)

private lessons

LIVE 1:1
Lessons with your Certified Trainer  4 PRO Credits every month – see FAQ

English support

Ask questions, report progress, and stay motivated

English Pronunciation Workbook


English Pronunciation Workbook

3 courses, 415 total pages of training materials


PRO TRAINING includes:

(100+ Videos)

by Native Language

PDF’S & mp3’s



Pro SUPPORT & FEEDBACK includes:

From American

English Conversation Practice


English Convo Practice


with Annie & the
Pro Community

Pass all 12 quizzes


Speak English Clearly & With Incredible Confidence…We’re here to help!

Confident English

Get A Proven, Step-by-Step System & Results 
working with a certified Speech Language Pathologist

We are not English Teachers. We are Speech Language Pathologists who know the proven science behind how to train you to speak English like a native speaker!

You are not alone in your journey!
Our ASHA-Certified Trainers are here with caring, expert guidance that gets results.


Monthly payments of $247 USD

(3 month minimum)

Renews Monthly until cancelled

Your Dream To Speak Like A Native English Speaker Is Possible.
Are You Ready To Do What It Takes To Get There?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the next steps after I enroll today?

1. Open your welcome email with log in information

2. Log in and go through the new member orientation

3. Complete your Full Accent Assessment (instructions are given in the welcome email and within your member portal)

4. Schedule your first live lesson with your trainer

5. Begin watching the first videos of module 1.

Two business days after you submit your assessment, your personal trainer will send you a Full Accent Report giving you a detailed understanding of your accent as it compares to a native speaker. Your report will also include a step by step plan that will address your exact errors so you know exactly what you must do to reach your goal.

How will my training with Pronunciation Pro PLUS Membership work?

There are 3 important steps to learning to speak English clearly and with confidence.

1. Watch the video trainings within the program step-by-step as outlined so you know the sounds and rules of American English.

2. Practice reading out loud for at least 2 minutes per day with deliberate focus on the skills taught within your video lessons.

3. Get quality feedback from your certified trainer – through private LIVE lessons or recorded assignments (see below)

As you follow these 3 steps consistently you will see amazing results in your spoken English. Don’t be in a rush. This training takes time and consistency. Set a pace that is manageable to you.

How do I get personalized feedback from my trainer?

As a PLUS Member, each billing cycle you get 4 PRO Credits. You can use these credits as you want with the options below: 

  • Full Accent Assessment = 1 PRO Credit
  • 25 Minute LIVE, Private Lesson with Certified Accent Trainer = 1 PRO Credit
  • Personalized Recorded Feedback on Assignment = 1 PRO Credit
  • 25 Minute LIVE, Private Confident Mindset Coaching = 1 PRO Credit
  • 25 Minute LIVE, Private English Conversation Practice = 1 PRO Credit
  • 25 Minute LIVE, Private English Grammar & Vocab Training = 1 PRO Credit
  • Final Accent Assessment = 1 PRO Credit

You can use these credits however you’d like each billing cycle. For example, one 50 minute LIVE lesson every other week, one 25 minute LIVE lessons per week, 1 recorded assignment with feedback per week, or a mix of any of these, etc. 

Pro credits do not carry over to the next billing cycle. You will want to use your credits so you stay consistent with your training and feedback. However, don’t feel like you are “falling behind”. You set the pace based on what works for you and your trainers schedule.

How does the text/phone chat support work?

After you enroll in the program we will contact you via text to help you get start and see if you have any questions. You’ll then be able to get quick and personal customer support throughout your membership.

What is the time commitment for this program?

The Pronunciation Pro Training Program is designed to go at your own pace. Decide how much time you can commit and then do your best to stick with it.

For the fastest results we recommend spending about 1 hour each week watching the video lessons, 30 minutes per week working with your trainer (live or recorded), and 2-15 minutes per day reading out loud.

We understand life is busy and some weeks you don’t have time for everything but do the best you can. Even small steps done consistently lead to amazing results!

How long does it take to see results?

If you follow the program as designed you can expect your spoken English to improve 50-80% within 3-6 months and your confidence rating to increase from 5-9 points (based on a self rated scale from 1-10) within 3-6 months.

Your improvement depends on how consistently you practice. You are retraining your listening skills and the muscles in your mouth. There is no way to short-cut this process. We are here to get you long term, high value communication skills that will help you create greater opportunities for your life and career.

Why is there a “3 month minimum” for the PLUS Membership?

We have a 3 month minimum to the PLUS membership because we want you to get results! We know from our 15 years of experience training the American accent that it takes at least 3 months of consistent effort with the program and with your trainer to see results that will last long term. The skills you are learning through this program must become habit and that takes consistency over time with deliberate practice and quality feedback. 

You can choose to cancel within the first 3 months for a $50 cancellation fee but we hope you don’t and see it to the end! 

It’s okay to not be “perfect” with this program. We teach progress over perfection which is a mindset that will help you improve your English and improve your life! Getting started is always the hardest part so jump in and we’ll be here to help you figure it out along the way!  

How do I know if the PLUS Membership is right for me?

This membership is NOT for everyone. Please take a minute to assess if it’s right for you.

A PLUS Membership IS for you if:

• You are at an intermediate to advance level in your English conversation skills.
• You want personalized feedback so you can progress more quickly.
• You are ready to make BIG changes in your life and career.
• You are being underpaid and undervalued because of the way you speak English.
• You don’t have time to waste and need results fast.
• You want the personal help and accountability from working with an ASHA-certified trainer.
• You are not satisfied with being average and know you are capable of much more.
• You’ve been limited by your accent for too long.
• You’ve are willing to study on your own but you want faster results that more personalized feedback can deliver.
• You’ve reached a block in your English development that now requires a higher-level, more personalized approach.

This upgrade is NOT for you if:

• You are at a beginning level in your conversational English.
• You are not willing to practice consistently to get great results.

Be Understood. Be Confident.
Now Is Your Time.

Membership Fee: Monthly payments of $247 USD

(3 month minimum)

Renews monthly until cancelled

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