I’ve been asking myself a specific question a lot over the last few weeks.

How can I be myself even more in ALL areas of my life?

When I’m home with my kids we laugh and joke, we dance and communicate freely. I make mistakes and it’s no big deal, we laugh about it. It’s easy. I like who I am with them.

I feel this same freedom while working with my students LIVE during our Study Groups, Confidence Trainings or Pro Book Club Meetings. There’s a safety thanks to the kindness of our amazing Pro Community.

But then I go into certain social gatherings and I freeze up. I don’t talk very much and when I do I’m more calculated about what I say.

Even when I go to create a video for my YouTube Channel or content for my social media (and even this weekly email) I often second guess what I have to say and how I want to say it.

Why is this? What is happening?

Well, I know my thoughts have a lot to do with it.

I know there is fear of mistakes and judgement but there’s also a fear of revealing myself fully.

I know I’ve improved over the years and my fears are decreasing…

but it’s still not where I want to be.

I know I’m holding back. I can feel it.

I’ve also been hearing this same concern from my students…

“I want to be able to be myself when I speak English”


“I’m so worried about what others think of me, it makes it hard to be myself”

And I can relate, but then I realize you also have the added challenge of speaking a second language on top of this common social anxiety… and my heart aches for you.

And I want to help.

So, let’s work together to overcome our fears and learn to be our true selves with greater confidence!