Every week I have the opportunity to give my students feedback during our weekly study groups inside the Pronunciation Pro Online Training Program.

When my students start speaking, the very first thing my ear listens for are the 3 Easy Tips.

These 3 tips are the foundational skills necessary for clear and confident American English.

The 3 Easy Tips are…


Without these simple foundational actions, the rest doesn’t matter.

  • If you don’t slow down, your mouth won’t have time to get into the correct positions for the sounds and rhythm you’ve been practicing.
  • If you don’t move your mouth, your words will always sound muffled.
  • If you don’t speak up, you’ll be constantly asked to repeat yourself. Incorrect pronunciation AND a quiet voice causes double trouble.

So before you move on to the perfect American /R/ or Common Reductions make sure you are using these 3 easy tips consistently.

Then with that strong foundation you’ll build confident communication that will last a lifetime!

Keep up the great work. It will be well worth the effort!