When I get excited I talk too fast.

Occasionally when I’m with my kids or close friends, I often mumble.

Sometimes I’m tired I slur my speech.

There are times where I am distracted I forget words and say ‘um’ a lot.


When I’m speaking to my students I slow down, move my mouth, and speak louder.

During the time that I’m teaching, I use my best pronunciation.

I want to make sure that I’m being understood and am speaking clearly.

When I’m recording a podcast I make sure I rarely say ‘um’.

In that instance, I want to speak in a way that reflects my best. It is a conscious choice that I have to make, but it also gets easier with time.

When I record a video I am precise in my words because I’ve planned and practiced what I’m going to say.

I’ve spent time to make sure that I’m able to communicate clearly, and be at my best. I want to have that confident communication reflected in my videos.

You’re not always going to speak American English with precision and clarity.

There will be times where you’re not always going to have the energy or mental focus to be at your very best.

That is completely okay…sometimes.

But when it really matters, when it’s important for you to speak clear and confident American English…

I want you to be ready.

I want you to be confident in your American English. You should know you can be at your best, to know that you are prepared.

That confidence, that feeling of preparation, that is what my course is all about.

I don’t just teach you how to pronounce American English. Because being able to pronounce it correctly is only half the battle.

The other part I teach is being confident. That confidence is what will allow you to take off, to feel like you are finally at the level that you’ve dreamed of.

When you combine that clarity and confidence, you’ll be at your best.

I have a great podcast episode that discusses how you can gain greater respect by speaking clear American English, listen to it here.

Remember, you don’t need to be at your best all of the time. Even native English speakers like me slip up from time to time.

I slur my words some times or say “um” more than I should.

But when it’s time to show up, when I need to be my best, I’m able to do that with confidence.

I want you to ask yourself this question:

Will you be prepared when the time comes to speak up? To communicate effectively?

Will you be ready?

If you are looking for guidance to ensure that you will be confident and understood, click here to find out how you can join my program!