Over the last 20 years my morning ritual has included prayer, meditation, scripture study and journaling.

This daily practice is how I’ve learned to connect with my higher source of peace, power, wisdom, and truth.

In these moments of prayer and meditation I often think of you, my students. I often ask what it is that you need. How can I best help you?

I believe that my work here on this earth is to help you find your voice. To help you remove obstacles that are keeping you from speaking up and sharing your knowledge, experience, and expertise with power, clarity, and confidence.

As I think of you and what you can become I’m filled with so much love and excitement. Excitement for your future AND the future of our world because of the good you are doing and will do as you grow in your skill and confidence to share your voice more and more.

Do you feel that divine within you urging you to reach higher, to do more?

If so then I encourage you to respond to that calling.

And if you need my help along your journey.

I’m here for you.