Hello again, I’m back with a new episode of the Pronunciation Pro Podcast, where I dive deep into a topic that is SO IMPORTANT! This topic is finding your purpose, and this can be such an exciting (and sometimes a little nerve-wracking) journey!

In this episode, I share my personal experiences in finding my purpose as well as sharing the experiences of Izabelle, one of my students at Pronunciation Pro.

Izabelle has a truly inspiring story and journey that has led her to figure out her purpose, and she shared with me some fantastic insights that I’m excited to share with you in this episode.

If you are ready to start finding your purpose and would like some help along the way to find the confidence and skills you’re looking for regarding your American English, I’m here and excited to be a part of your journey! Head over to http://pronunciationpro.com/trial/ to sign up and start today.