Why is good grammar important? Well, because it saves lives! Just consider the difference between “Let’s eat, Grandma!” and “Let’s eat Grandma!”.

With the first one, you’re inviting your grandma over for a lovely meal. The second one, on the other hand, sounds like you’re excited about cannibalism.

Jokes aside, speaking and writing with good grammar is often overlooked as being unnecessary. Some people argue that as long as they are being understood, it should not matter if they have a few grammatical errors.

The problem with this line of thinking is that it fundamentally ignores the benefits enjoyed by someone who uses proper grammar.

Read this article to learn about good grammar in English!

Read this article to learn about good grammar in English!

Good Grammar Makes You Easier To Understand

The first and foremost reason for editing your writing and thinking about your grammar when you’re speaking is that it makes you easier to understand.

While a grammar error may seem insignificant to the person writing an article or blog, think about it from the reader’s point of view. Even a small grammatical or spelling error has the power to disrupt the flow of your writing and cause your reader to disengage with the content.

A similar situation occurs when you are speaking. While it’s true that native speakers make grammatical errors as well, that’s no reason to forget about good grammar.

When you speak and write grammatically, you can be confident that your message is being understood without any misinterpretations.

Good Grammar Improves Your English Skills

Having a strong grasp of English grammar will help improve your English skills overall. For example, when you have learned the grammatical rules governing sentence construction, it becomes easier for you to express your ideas.

Over time, being able to speak and write correctly builds your confidence while speaking English. This encourages you to develop a rich vocabulary so that you have the tools to communicate with others.

Good Grammar Increases Your Credibility

Another important reason for practicing good grammar is that it increases your credibility. Think about your attitude towards a newspaper or online magazine that has errors in its articles.

If you notice consistent grammatical mistakes in their articles, you start to question the legitimacy of the information they are conveying as well.

The same is true on a personal level. In fact, when you’re applying for a job, the chances are high that you won’t get an interview if there are errors in your resume or cover letter.

Your writing represents who you are. If there are careless mistakes, then it appears to the reader that you don’t care about your work. This makes them less likely to trust you and destroys your credibility.

Have We Convinced You?

Hopefully, now you see the importance of good grammar. From making sure people understand you to improving your employment prospects, having good grammar is a life-changing skill.

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