English is the most commonly used language among foreign language speakers and is important to learn for a variety of educational and employment opportunities. For students wanting to study abroad in the United States, passing the TOEFL exam is mandatory and requires a clear understanding of English reading, writing and comprehension.

For employment, it’s been shown that English speakers in the United States or in countries that do business with foreign countries earn more annual income than non-English speakers. With all the benefits of knowing English as a second language, many individuals want to improve English speaking abilities in a way that fits their schedule and moves at a pace they can control. Instead of trying to learn English pronunciation on your own, working with an online speech pathologist provides all the benefits of learning at home and in time that’s convenient, but also allows students to feel confident in their English pronunciation by working one-on-one with a professional.

Trying to learn English pronunciation online and without help, can often lead to dead-ends learning the language, as students need structured courses that help build up a solid learning foundation. With Pronunciation Pro, perfecting English pronunciation is obtainable through online pronunciation courses. Students are able to login at any time and have access to 35 video training lessons that have over 20 hours of educational footage, along with downloadable worksheets and mp3 recordings to help you with your English on the go.

Where many individuals learning English may not know for sure if they’re pronouncing words correctly, Pronunciation Pro allows the opportunity for additional help where students can work with their ASHA certified speech pathologist to receive weekly feedback on assignments and have one-on-one online training sessions.

Non-native English speakers are encouraged to try out the risk-free 7-day trial of Pronunciation Pro to learn how to speak English like an American and continue with additional help for as little as $19.97 a month.