A common question I get from students is this…

Am I too old to change the way I speak English?

Believe me when I say, you are never too old to change.

We have students in my program who are well into their 70’s. I call these students life-long learners and they are so inspiring to me.

Theresa is one great example of a student who thought she was too old to change the way she spoke English.

She told me once that before joining my course she was feeling so down about the way she spoke English but thought it was too late for her.

Then she ran across one of my videos where I said “you’re never too old to reach your goal” and she believed me.

She signed up right away and started the work.

She said she was so grateful to get rid of that limiting belief because now she is no longer stuck and is experiencing the joy of life-long improvement.

Is this a limiting belief of yours?

If so, throw that thought out the window and join me.

I’ll show you how thrilling it can feel when you smash limiting beliefs and keep striving for excellence every day till you ‘kick the bucket’. 😉