Are you afraid of making mistakes while speaking English?

If so, you’re not alone.

I’ve worked with thousands of non-native English speakers and fear of mistakes is one of the most common problems for almost every single one.

And what happens when you are afraid of making mistakes?

You stop speaking up.

You stop sharing your opinions, experience, and expertise.

You let native speakers do the talking even though you’re just as qualified, or often, even more qualified.


Because you are afraid of being laughed at, judged, or rejected by others.

Because you are afraid of not meeting the high expectations you have for yourself.

Because you’d rather keep silent than feel embarrassed.

What if you didn’t have to be afraid of making mistakes while speaking English?

What if you could feel confident enough to speak up, make mistakes, and then learn from those mistakes without feelings of embarrassment or judgement?

I’ll tell you…your English will improve much much faster.

Your confidence will go through the roof.

Being afraid to make mistakes is optional.

It starts with thoughts in your head.

Those thoughts are always optional.

You could decide that mistakes are good and an important part the learning process.

You could decide that making mistakes is something you want to do because you want to grow.

You could decide that people don’t really care if you make mistakes (because often times they don’t, it’s only you that cares).

Fear is your decision. And so is confidence.

What will you decide?

If you want help building confidence in your spoken English, that’s my expertise. I can help.

Join me and I will walk you step by step through my proven system that will help you learn to speak English clearly and with incredible confidence.

I can’t wait to work with you!