How many times have you thought “I wasn’t perfect, so I’m going to stop trying”?

Let’s talk about confident communication, perfection, and how this all applies to you and your American English pronunciation journey.

Today I want to share with you a powerful concept that has changed my life and I know it will change yours.

It’s a concept I learned from the amazing book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear.

If you have participated in my Pro Book Club Meetings this year you are familiar with this concept.

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Atomic Habits is a book all about helping us easily break bad habits and create lasting good habits in our lives.

Because we all know that success is built one good habit at a time.

You aren’t going to become perfect overnight, and each step that you take (no matter how small), is a step forward, a step towards your goals!

Ok, so what’s the concept?


Let me explain how this applies to you…

How often have you started a habit and you’re staying consistent and then… oh no, you miss a day!

And for all of us who tend to be perfectionists, you might think all is lost!

But it’s time to correct this thinking… you have not failed!

“According to a study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, missing any single day of a particular habit has no impact on your long-term ability to stick to the habit. It doesn’t matter when it occurs, making a mistake and slipping up does not alter the long-term outcome… if you find a way to get back on track.” -James Clear

What I heard from James is… it’s okay to make mistakes or miss a day. The SECRET is to get back to it FAST!

No one is going to be perfect, especially right away, and especially with your American English pronunciation.

James goes on to explain…

“What separates the elite performers from everyone else? Not perfection, but consistency. This is why the most important thing is NOT to prevent mistakes altogether, but to avoid making a mistake twice in a row. Errors are part of the process, but they shouldn’t become part of the pattern”

So how does this apply to speaking American English clearly and with confidence?

Of course you’re going to make many mistakes on this journey.

It’s natural. Anyone who is learning a new thing is going to make mistakes, it’s part of being human.

You will never be perfect at something that you are trying for the first time, but I have something that can help you.

Your communication and the confidence you feel will not be perfect to start out, but that’s okay.

The habit that will change your life is to do DAILY PRACTICE.

Read out loud for at least 2 minutes every day with your focus on slowing down, moving your mouth, and speaking louder.

(And then as you progress through your training at Pronunciation Pro you can build on this practice)

I have a great YouTube video on this topic:

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Stay consistent with this daily practice. Just 2 minutes a day.

And if you miss a day… get right back on track!

It is okay to miss a day, but try your hardest not to miss twice. Don’t miss 2 days in a row, but if you do, remember that this isn’t the end for you. You don’t have to give up because of what you missed.

Open a book, a TED Talk, or something else and just read it out lout for 2 minutes. That’s all, just 2 minutes.

Practice this concept in your life and I know you’ll find success in your spoken English as well as many other important areas of your life.

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