At the beginning of 2022 I set a goal to start a podcast.

When I started I was determined that I would publish an episode every week, without fail.

Well, I failed.

I got 19 weeks in, 19 episodes and then I stopped.

Summer hit, my 5 kids were out of school, life got crazy, and I stopped.

I felt guilty about it for a couple of weeks, kept telling myself I was going to get back to it.

And then I made a decision.

I decided to intentionally pause my podcast until my kids were back in school.

Well, my kids are back in school and I’m back.

I published my 20th podcast yesterday!

How often do you do the same thing. Set a goal and then get off track.

It’s okay to get off track of our goals. That’s what we do as humans.

Nothing has gone wrong.

But the questions is, will you get back?

If you’ve been off with your English pronunciation practice, intentionally decide right now when you’re coming back.

So make the choice to stay consistent after failure, and get back that confident communication.

Because today is a great day 😉

If you haven’t been consistent with your 2 minute a day read out loud practice, intentionally decide right now to do it.

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It’s not the number of times you fall that matters, it’s the number of times you get back up and try again.

Those who never quit, never fail.

You can have that confident mindset when you communicate with others, you don’t have to let failure define you.

You got this. I’m here to help.

If you want to listen to my podcast and hear more about my story of bouncing back from failure, click here.